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Tri Potential & Enduracne Potential offer a range of coaching packages to suit your training and budget


Tri & Endurance Potential is a community of athletes who invest in there multisport training with specific coaching
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Tri & Endurance Potential founded by Liam Lloyd - professional athlete, BSc (Hons) Sport Science & Physiology and BTF Coaching Lv 2 Diploma 

✅Custom Training Plan Designed For You

Your personal coach will design a training plan that is tailored to you, meaning that it fits alongside your lifestyle, your fitness level and works towards achieving your own triathlon goals – whatever they may be. Nothing is ‘off the shelf’.

✅Work With An Experienced Coach

All of our coaches are not only experienced and qualified coaches, but experienced athletes too, meaning they understand what it is like to be in your shoes.

We have a number of coaches who can support you to achieving that next level in your training, through educational and experience led coaching.

✅Your training sessions will be analysed with feedback provided

Analysis of the data and feedback you provide helps to ensure your training plan continues to focus on the right areas, and that the blend of intervals remains aligned to your goals.

We provide feedback on where you are improving, where we should focus next and how you are progressing.

✅Talk to your coach when you need us

We use WhatsApp as the primary point of contact,
but are also available on Zoom, Teams, phone, email etc. to suit you.

We have an Updates & Useful information WhatsApp group where the Tri Potential & Endurance Potential team will post updates to training events and provide useful information to all athletes racing for team Tri Potential & Endurance Potential. 

Coaching team helping you become a better athlete

Experienced and qualified coaching support

Reach Your Potential

Triathlon and single sport Endurance coaching

Coaching Packages

Tri Potential & Endurance Potential offers coaching services – we pride ourselves in giving every athlete at any level the opportunity to be coached for triathlon or single sports swim, bike or run.

We coach with purpose, passion and pride the three Ps that we established when setting up Tri & Endurance Potential. 

Our mission is to make you 'consistent' in your training. Consistency in training comes from a well thought out training plan, athlete support in other areas of their personal environment and a motivated athlete!

We build a professional relationship with every athlete and educate them whilst supporting their journey in sport. Our training sessions are all created through experience and academic knowledge, providing you with a bespoke training plan that equips you with the training you need to achieve.




In wanting every athlete to succeed under our bespoke coaching


In every element of our coaching 


In seeing athletes develop and achieve their goals



Where the difference in price comes in to play is the amount of communication and feedback on your training you can expect from your coach.

We have 4 different coaching packages; ultimate, performance, club+ and club - something to suit everyone.


TP1 £110 a month / EP1 £100 (for single sport)

✅ Weekly calls to go over how training is going

✅ More time spent reviewing key sessions with athlete

✅ More detailed discussions with athlete on performance enhancement

✅ Weekly calls give more opportunity to go over in detail race strategies


TP2 £85 a month / EP2 £75 (for single sport)

✅ Bi-Weekly call to go over how training is going

✅ Time spent reviewing key sessions with athlete

✅ Detailed discussions with athlete on performance

✅ Bi-Weekly calls give more opportunity to go over in detail race strategies

TP3 / EP3 (CLUB+)

TP3 £70 a month / EP3 £60 (for single sport)

✅ Monthly call to go over how training is going

✅ Message contact to continue conversation of training

✅ All the benefits of being a Tri/Endurance Potential coached athlete

✅ Be part of a growing performance triathlon team

TP4 / EP4 (CLUB)

TP4 £55 a month / EP4 £50 (for sinlge sport)

✅ Message contact to go over how training is going

✅ All the benefits of being a Tri/Endurance Potential coached athlete

✅ Most affordable 'bespoke' training plan package available

✅ Be part of a growing performance triathlon team


✅ Initial consultation discussing training, lifestyle & goals

✅ TrainingPeaks account with coach attached 

✅ Training zones analysed, established and discussed

✅ Personalised Plan started - delivered via Training Peaks

✅ Training plan automatically synced to Garmin, Zwift ect

✅ Unlimited WhatsApp communication

✅ 7 days a week support from you coach

✅ Group run sessions in various locations

✅ Group bike rides in various locations

✅ Strength & Conditioning plan intergrated into your training

✅ A free Zoom injury assesment with our designated and qualified Physiotherapist if needed

✅ Training weekends and camps across the UK & abroad

We continue to add to the list of services to support athletes with a coaching package that at the core gives a bespoke training plan, whilst also offering the most comprehensive packages available for the price.



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