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Make every stroke count with structured swim coaching

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Open Water Sessions

Enhance your open water swimming with coached sessions supporting you to gain confidence and improve you skills in the water!

May to September

At North Dock, Llanelli

Every session will challenge your open water skills, swimming technique and paces. You will be coached with all the support and encouragement you need to build your confidence and improve your open water swimming ability.


1:1 Swim Analysis

With a 1:1 open water swim session you can take your swimming to the next level with better technique.

Enquire now about book your first 1:1 Session

You'll receive swim coaching from elite level swimmers, providing you with a full breakdown of stroke analysis and guiding you with drills to make you a technically efficient and faster swimmer!

Following each 1:1 Swim Session you'll receive key drills and exercises specific to improving your swimming that you can continue to progress.

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